WorthDyingFor (1)First of all, Happy Book Birthday to Kory Shrum! The 5th book in her Jesse Sullivan Dying for a Living series – Worth Dying For – was released yesterday.

I have been a fan of this series from the very beginning, and I’m always excited to see what Jesse and the gang are up to.

Here’s a short description:

The gang is in New York and much to Jesse’s surprise, they are all still alive. Jesse, Ally, Rachel, Gideon and Maisie have managed to stay off of Caldwell’s radar for months. But when your enemy can control minds and teleport, there isn’t a safe place in the world where you can hide. They have a plan for stopping his genocidal reign, but it will require a 2500-mile road trip to Cochise, Arizona, the abandoned military base where it all began.

The book switches between Jesse and Rachel and it is FULL of surprises!

I picked out a couple of excerpts (no spoilers!) I thought you would enjoy.

Here’s a little bit of RACHEL:

My wait in the New York Public Library stretches into a small eternity, and I begin to feel restless. I consider shoving things around the room with my mind, but I have doubts that even that will satiate my boredom. No, not boredom. Anticipation. She’s on her way and I’m nervous.

A soft knock resounds at the door. I look to Uriel, but he is gone.

“Rach?” A soft voice murmurs. “Are you in there?”

I stand and push open the study room door. Nivedha gives me a weak smile of relief.

She’s as petite as I remember, even tinier than Jessup. I could wrap my entire hand around her wrist and my fingers would overlap. Her skin is the color of cinnamon bark with black hair and hazel eyes that look brighter because of her coloring. She’s bustier than I remember, but not from implants. Our NRD+ bodies would reject those. Perhaps she is one of those women who benefit from gaining a bit of weight. She is healthier than she was when I saw her last. Her face and hips are rounder. There’s light in her eyes now that I never saw in Chaplain’s basement.

And here’s a little bit of JESSE:

The house is shaking. The brass bed frame trembles against the wall. An earthquake? I don’t know why this is my first thought as I peel my eyes open. Nope. No earthquake or partis come to pull the world down around me. Someone is shaking me.

“Thank God,” Ally says, with visible relief. She stops shaking me but leaves one hand on my shoulder. “You were crying for Brinkley. Did you have a bad dream?”

I push myself up on my elbows and stare around the small room crowding in on me. The off color wall paper, the cardboard boxes stacked in one corner. And a desk with several books piled one on top of the others. I search Ally’s face for its familiarity. I’ve never liked waking up in strange places.

“It wasn’t a dream,” I say, as the room comes into focus around me.

I can still smell the rain on Gabriel’s wings and the soft brush of his feathers on my face. I see Brinkley’s smile clearly as he stands at the edge of the shore before ducking into the dense trees.

But what I see most clearly is the storm. The large black clouds rolling toward me over the water, the darkness illuminated by sudden violent bursts of lightning, each strike closer than the last. In the distance, sure, but coming. Coming fast. And with it a horrible sense of foreboding.

Brinkley’s words are still clear. I asked too much. Forgive her. Forgive me.

If you haven’t started the series yet, the first book, Dying for a Living, is FREE!

Happy reading!


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