Badass and the Beast: Day 3



Welcome to my blog and day three of the blog tour!

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This is my first expedition into the wonderful world of publishing and I’m thrilled that my debut is in support of a great cause like the Animal Welfare Institute.

My story was written specifically for the anthology. It isn’t part of a larger work (yet), it’s just a story I wanted to tell. The star of the story is an American Mastiff named Willa who is the companion and protector of the main character, Doe. I have wanted an American Mastiff for quite some time, and I have spent countless hours reading about them (and staring at pictures of them). They are smart, loyal, and gentle, but they can be fiercely protective if their family is threatened. When I thought of a companion for Doe, it didn’t take me long to settle on this breed of dog. Willa exhibits all of those characteristics and even adds a little comic relief in some tense scenes.

I really hope you enjoy the story.

Remember, the sales from the book benefit the Animal Welfare Institute. Don’t forget to get your copy of Badass and the Beast.

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